An in-browser audio/visual experience that uses custom sound design and gamified interactions to reveal a trippy surprise in the end. Users play with a visual audioscape by tapping their keyboard like an instrument. We created this to push the C4D / Redshift style rendering in the browser, testing our traditional-to-real time pipeline in an attempt to bring BUCK's traditional skill and style to life on a new platform. We set out to push real-time rendering and create an experience that was both fun and satisfying to play with.
So we set our goals:

  1. It needs to be fun.
  2. It needs to be trippy.
  3. It needs to be super simple & easy to use without complex tutorials.

What it became was a digital toy that doubles as a real-time meditative escape.

It’s best experienced with headphones. Up loud. Full screen. In the dark.

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