Google Chrome Racer

An interactive installation using web sockets, bringing their Chrome Racer game into the physical realm.

At Google I/O, one of the most important developer conferences in the world, Google unveiled the Chrome experiment called “Racer.” Racer is a multi-player, multi-device game which can be played on any series of devices running the Chrome browser. It’s an amazingly simple display of a game-changing browser technology.

For the I/O conference, we designed an expanded Racer experience – a game on steroids, in a bespoke interactive installation that extends the game play past the surface of the mobile devices, and onto a huge, multi-player digital canvas. Working intimately with Google’s Creative Lab, we lead the design of the form factor of the game installation, all visual and motion content, architected the gameplay, technology systems, and managed an epic team of developers, technology specialists and fabricators in an incredibly short timeline.

The Chrome Racer Installation game mirrors retro slot car games. Just tap your device to accelerate your car. Release to brake. 5 colors of cars. 5 players. 5 devices. Despite the simplicity of the game, we built infinite track variations with difficult physics properties to make the game a challenge. We designed epic, retro crash animations, and an all-important leader board to show who’s ahead in real-time. Additionally, Google had legendary music composer Giorgio Moroder create a custom music track for the game experience (the track is used in HUSH's case study video).

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