An interactive installation, made of refracted light and sound.

In 2015, we decided we would make something for us. Something we and anyone who visits us could keep and use. We often talked about what makes our work good is the the fact that we all see the same problem, but through different lenses: Our architects arrive at a solution one way and it's vastly different from a graphic designer, etc. Each purview provides a unique perspective which, when they come together, creates an unexpected result.

And so Lenses was born.

Its live area is filled with prisms, some clear and some with dichroic film. The placement of each piece or combination of pieces, creates unique (and very satisfying) geometric forms. As with many of our personal projects, there's a sonic component. Each design has its own unique, tonal output.

We even created a print version of lenses and mailed them to friends and clients. This allowed the recipient to create geometric forms with light, similar to the physical piece.

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