HUSH — Releases

Real-time interactive art that visualizes your verbal expressions and tone.

In 2013, we created Wishes. In 2014, we created Releases. The wishes were single words we gave to others in an expression of good will. The releases were a chance for us to say how we feel, and see what it looked like.

Using Ivan Safrin's Polycode we created a custom app to generate our own personal Bouba/Kiki experiments.

As with much of our personal work, sound is important. We had people enter a room and talk, scream, laugh, whisper. Whatever felt right. Whatever they needed to get off their chest. Then we let the code do the work.

The resulting forms were turned into gifs for the web, and stills for posters which were sent to friends, clients and colleagues. As always, these are my absolute favorite projects.

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