IBM US Open Interactive Screens

An interactive multi-touch data visualization of the US Open, really flexing our UX muscles to create something that could appeal to everyone from a child who just wants to play, to an absolute tennis geek who wants to know insane stats like set points on hot vs warm days.  

An amazing team at HUSH, consisting of designers, coders and animators to solve that problem. Without going too deep into details here, the idea was to not go too into details—unless you want them. 

The ambient state was a series of screens with tennis balls bouncing all around them with a sweet little sound palette. If you wanted, you could just fling the balls all over the screen. But once you grab a ball and drop it into place to engage with it, it opened up a layer of match information. From there, if you want, you can get deeper and incredibly granular with data like the way weather effects matches, match points, time of day’s effect on a match, etc. 

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