Magic Leap Brand Transformation

From 2020 through 2023, I was the head of Brand & Platform Design at Magic Leap (VP Brand & Product, then VP Brand & Marketing). During that time, myself and my team were tasked with a complete brand transormation. The company was going through a major shift from a nominal consumer AR platform represented by rainbows and creatures, to a grown-up, B2B product that really works. It’s still a product I believe in today. I led the UX and UI overhaul of the AR platform, as well as the strategic brand redesign and content, elevating its perception, globally.

Every touchpoint from the logo and voice of the brand, to built environments and digital products were part of the holistic system–driven by design principles that are rooted in authenticiy, intuition, and function. These principles remain today.

The content before you is simply a small overview of a case study in development. This was a massive overhaul, and a massive undertaking where our internal teams worked closely with incredible vendors like Relay, First Things, Antfood, and Santos Dilone to bring us to life.

The full case study will live here soon. 

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