Twitter Beach 2018 & 2019

Having a presence at the Cannes Lions is essential for major tech platforms these days and BUCK helped Twitter do it in style.

Surrounded by sand and CMOs, we bathed the beach in Twitter’s feed. With realtime skinning of their API, we brought to life the threads and conversations that matter. In addition to user-generated content, we created responsive ambient modes that served as a seamless connection between the stories, tweets, and panels we ran continuously over the course of the event.

In 2018, the Men’s World Cup was happening. And Twitter was broadcasting it. We repackaged it for them and gave it a BUCK spin: a mix of premade and generative graphics which we controlled from the back-of-house (i.e. a very dark, very hot room). It was fun playing sports network for the week.

Our World Cup played on massive screens that incorporated BUCK-designed, real-time player and team data for the crowds.

One of our favorite details: when a player took a dive and started rolling around on the ground clutching his shin in ‘pain’, we made sure that a slew of crying emojis cascaded down on him. Good times.

And they invited us back to do it again in 2019.

We threw a big party to close out Twitter’s 2018 event. But the 2019 party blew the doors off. Twitter went all out and flew in Ciara and Steve Aoki. We worked closely with them to design a custom, responsive, immersive backdrop for their shows including a responsive chevron light show for Ciara and a lo-fi tunnel of love complete with generative face warps for Aoki. 

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