Ventilate’s Year 2000 poster series

In 2010, Ventilate asked me to contribute to this poster series. The project was all about the year 2000.

From the site:

We asked several talented artists and designers to participate in our third posters series themed 2000 - What inspired you ten years ago? What was it that caused you to strive forward? What enticed you to experiment and push boundaries?

My inspiration was Autechre's EP 7 . Although it was released in 1999, it was the soundtrack of 2000 to me. The cover art, the music – it blew my mind and influenced nearly all of my work at that time. It still influences a lot of what I do in music and design.

The "Y2k" is obvious, but less obvious is the fact that it's made up of mostly 45-degree angles. At the time, they were ubiquitous in design–just ask the Attik and Designer's Republic about that. 

The classic album art which influenced my design is included in this post.