PS 56 Branding

PS56 Lewis H. Latimer School in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, has been undergoing a major shift in culture and education over the previous 5 years. Led by a new principal and administration, they’ve been laser-focused on maintaining the original culture of the neighborhood while embracing the change that has been brought on by shifting cultural demographics. AKA, gentrification. What’s lesser-known outside of the Cobble Hill bubble, is how much the entire community has embraced this ethos as well. 

While working with the PTA, a circle (you know, for kids) became a nod to the past, referencing Latimer’s most noted invention–the light bulb–and a shape that can be used going forward as a container, or the period at the end of a sentence, or a bouncing ball–essentially a shape with infinite possiblities. Something that could come forward to elevate visibility, or that can recede into the background when we want to bring the work of the children into focus, like when they create artwork for events that’s paired with type.

So a very simple identity was created in order to be wearable for the grownups as they cruise around town in their merch. Which we’ve made a lot of. Lots of merch. We led with usable/wearable items to help gain visibility for the school’s transition by turning the community into walking billboards.

This is an evolving project, and we’re currently developing the website, additional print and physical elements, as well as an icon system. There’s a ton of merch always in progress.